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Submit Expression of Interest (EOI)

The EOI Form helps the Off-Grid Electrification program (OEP) secretariat learn about the lead applicant, co-applicants and the proposed project.

The OEP Secretariat will screen the EOI forms submitted using Initial Screening criteria and inform the technical assessment panel. The key objectives of the initial screening are to ascertain sufficiency of the information and the EOI is prepared in line with the objective of the Program. The technical assessment panel then appraises the EOI against the criteria for eligibility and selection.

Each EOI is given a score by the technical assessment panel: Approved, Not Approved, or Under Consideration.

Approved: Applicants whose EOIs are approved will be invited to submit full proposals. The OEP Secretariat will also provide necessary support during the submission phase.

Not Approved:The OEP Secretariat will notify applicants whose submissions were not approved and provide feedback.

Under Consideration: These EOIs will be returned with queries or issues for clarification. In some cases, applicants may be invited to undertake minor revisions that may lead to the invitation to submit a full proposal OR resubmit at a later date, pending capacity development support from the OEP team.

All EOI forms are to be submitted via email address: apply@pawarimkomuniti.org.pg