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Submit a Full Proposal

Applicants whose EOIs have been approved by the technical assessment panel will be invited to submit a full proposal. The Full Proposal Form requires the applicants to provide details of the proposed project details, crosscutting themes, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, work plan and budget. Support to develop full proposals will be provided by the OEP as needed.

Budgets should reflect actual costs related to the delivery of the proposed project and should cover overheads, project activities, staff costs, travel, training and capacity development and visibility and communications activities.

The technical assessment panel appraises each proposal against the criteria for the project’s technical and financial capability using the selection criteria at Annex 8. Each proposal is given a score by the technical assessment panel.

These scores then provide direction to DFAT on making one of the two decisions: Successful or Unsuccessful.

Successful: The OEP will liaise with the entities whose proposals that have been approved by DFAT, to address specific feedback and recommendations from the technical assessment panel. The proposal will then proceed to the next step of the process.

Unsuccessful: The OEP will notify entities whose submissions were not successful and provide feedback.

The technical assessment panel assesses the proposals and gives a recommendation and assessment report to the DFAT delegate. Final approval for grants to be awarded is given by the DFAT delegate.

Applicants must include in their full proposal, as relevant:

  • Land title, land lease agreement or any other consent document with customary landowners
  • Environmental impact assessment plan
  • Mitigation measures addressing climate change
  • Social and economic assessment
  • Community consultation plan that includes all marginalised groups
  • A strong commitment to gender equity and women’s empowerment (Gender Action plan)
  • Signed OEP Child Protection Policy code of conduct; and work health and safety statement.