Powering communities by supporting innovative clean energy solutions


Pawarim Komuniti – is a new Off-Grid Electrification Program funded by the PNG-Australia Partnership to support access to clean energy in rural and remote communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The program is part of Australia’s commitment under the PNG Electrification Partnership to help PNG meet the target of connecting 70% of the country to electricity by 2030.

Access to electricity is a key enabler for economic growth.

The PNG Government’s 2010-2030 Development Strategic Plan outlines increasing electricity supply and access as a key priority for people in remote towns and communities in the country.

Electrification rates in PNG are extremely low. Currently only an estimated 13% of PNG’s 8 million people have access to electricity.

With 80% of people in PNG living in remote towns and communities with limited access to basic services, lifting access to electricity will help improve living standards and allow government services like schools and health centers to deliver reliable services.

Access to electricity is also important to foster growth in the private sector especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Pawarim Komuniti has been developed as a grants program to incentivise innovative and inclusive projects in remote parts of PNG not served by the national electricity grid, to support access to clean energy and improve communities’ wellbeing.

The Program aims to:

  • Provide rural households, community service facilities and businesses with reliable and affordable access to clean energy.
  • Support Government, development partners, civil society and private sector with information on successful sustainable off-grid electrification models.