Powering communities by supporting innovative clean energy solutions

Pawarim Komuniti is an off-grid electrification grant program funded by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership to support access to clean energy services in rural and remote communities throughout Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The program is part of Australia’s commitment under the PNG Electrification Partnership to help PNG meet its target of connecting 70% of the country to electricity by 2030.

Pawarim Komuniti aims to:

–  Provide rural households, community services facilities and businesses with reliable and affordable access to clean energy services

–  Support government, development partners, civil society and private sector with information on successful off-grid electrification models.

Application process

Interested applicants can apply for a Pawarim Komuniti grant at any time.

There is no deadline for submission however, applications are technically reviewed by the Pawarim Komuniti Secretariat three times a year and applicants are encouraged to provide their application by the following final dates:

–  28 March 2022
–  1 August 2022
–  21 November 2022

Applicants are encouraged to take the necessary time required to read the General Information and complete the Expression of Interest Application Form.

Information for applicants 

General Information and Expression of Interest Application Form
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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Pawarim Komuniti


Gender Equity, Disability, Social Inclusion and Safeguards and Pawarim Komuniti


Current projects

Implementation of the first Pawarim Komuniti projects started in early 2021. Read more about these projects:


Kamapim Pawa – Sandaun Province


Light for Learning – Oro and Western Provinces


Lighting up Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Communities – Morobe Province


Light for Life – Oro Province


Further information

Thank you for your patience as we redevelop our website. If you are looking for further guidance or information, please email us at info@pawarimkomuniti.org.pg

Key Objectives


The Pawarim Komuniti – PNG Off-Grid Electrification Program aims to achieve progress towards PNG Government’s objective of connecting 70% of the population to electricity by stimulating private sector and non-government activity to offer affordable and clean energy access to people living in remote towns and communities.


Deliver Access to energy services that has a positive development impact on people and communities


Ensure gender and social inclusion mainstreaming that addresses the needs of women and men, and with a focus on vulnerable groups


Provide technically and economically viable solutions with a focus on clean energy and climate change


Support sustainable off-grid projects ensuring local ownership and community participation


Innovate and pilot new models of delivery for technologies that are newly adapted for off-grid electrification in PNG

Powering communities in Papua New Guinea through innovative and renewable energy